YOOLETTA Distributing

Our Mission: Bringing Fine Stationary to Israel
YOOLETTA was founded in 2011, by Ami Guetta and Assaf Yolzary, in order to introduce fine stationery brands to the Israeli market. The company's core business is representing high end, unique brands from all over the world, and to successfully penetrate the local Israeli market. YOOLETTA is the only fine stationery distributer in the Israeli market. 
Over the years,  we have accumulated exclusive representations of some of the leading brands worldwide. Every brand represented by YOOLETTA, was selected carefully according to various factors, including market position, brand philosophy, uniqueness, logistics, communication and pricing system. 
YOOLETTA owns and operates a flag store right at the heart of Tel-Aviv. The store is constantly growing , with a clear strategy of being a showroom, displaying the whole range of brands. YOOLETTA operates a leading multi-brand web shop under the domain www.yooletta.com.
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What YOOLETTA offers her Suppliers?

Qualified Sales representatives
YOOLETTA employs highly trained sales representative who operate in the store, with wholesalers and online shop.
PR Services
YOOLETTA is represented by a top Israel PR Company, which allows a vast exposure in the Press and Media.
Wholesaler E-Commerce site
YOOLETTA operates a separate e-commerce website for wholesales, to allow easy order process.
Existing Customers
YOOLETTA currently distributes products to over 70 stores nation-wide in Israel.

Design Box

YOOLETTA is the founder and operator of a wholesale design exhibition, “Design Box”. 
This exhibition is a stage for importers and local manufacturers, to present their products, twice a year, just before the major Jewish holiday seasons. 
Trade customers from all around the country attend this exhibition on a regular basis. 
As the founder, YOOLETTA has a central location of this event. The company gained the reputation as a market leader, thanks to the powerful group of brands and its ability to identify leading trends in its field.
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Our Brands

Cavallini & Co.
Trim Craft
Belle & Boo
Rifle Paper Co.
Papier Tigre
MT Masking Tape
Blackwing Palomino
Yellow Owl Workshop
O-check Design Graphics
Katie Leamon
All the ways to say 
Noi publishing Ltd.
1973 Ltd.
Lagom Ltd.


e-mail: info@yooletta.com
Ami: +972-54-456-1936
Assaf: +972-52-687-3076
Masrik st.19